Duel Energy Experiences

Welcome fellow explorers of the mind, body and spirit!  We invite you to experience the duel energies of Lia and Danny to nourish and balance your entire being.  


Together, we have a passion for empowering individuals to love themselves fully, embracing both the shadow and the light.  We both have a lot of experience working with people of all shapes, sizes, mentalities, s*xual orientations and identifications.  There is no surface layer judgement in this practice - all souls welcome! We are sensitive to discretion and greet you with open arms to help guide you on your path of self discovery.  We love to learn from others and share our own knowledge and development as a dedicated ethically non-monogamous (engaged!) couple with open, honest communication. 


Duel  Energy Experiences


Tantric Journey

 $600/ 90 minutes        $800/ 2 hour

Sensory Exploration 

 $800/ 90 minutes        $1000/ 2 hour

Duel Energy Tantra la Femme (Women)

 $350/ 90 minutes        $500/ 2 hour


Become enveloped in both Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine) energy and create internal balance with our Tantric Journey where we will guide you through internal reflection while you bathe in the sounds of live bowls, chimes, drums and guitar and connect in the warm embrace of a double yab-yum. 

Explore your sensual expression and freedom in our Sensory Exploration where you will be lovingly bound with sheer scarves and your eyes covered so you may surrender fully to the sensations of hot, cold, tingly, sweet, prickly and melodic. 

Danny is a skilled musician of many lifetimes and offers a deeply grounding energy.  He has been facilitating shamanic ceremonies for over 6 years and has the innate ability to synchronize his music, space holding and nurturing touch with a receiver.  In recent years he has added bodywork and Reiki energy healing to his repertoire and finds that he receives back as much zen as he emanates, through healing others. 

Lia is a heart centered healer, fully immersed in a life of creating art, practicing bodywork (10 years), facilitating ceremonies and practicing and teaching yoga. She has always been fascinated by the inner workings of the brain and forming brilliant, colorful connections through visualization, touch and sound.  She believes these sensitivities are available to anyone who seeks them and who is open to clear themselves of the dust that has accumulated in all of us, through the stress and traumas of life, no matter how 'big' or 'small' they may seem. Our core being is perfect, it just needs some dusting ;-).


We look forward to sharing space with you!