This experience is a unique, healing journey of heightened awareness of the mind, body and spirit connection. Please prepare to share your intentions for the experience at the beginning of each session, anything you may be going through, working on and any boundaries you may have.  This is a wonderful practice for activating your throat chakra and communicating your triggers as well as desires. I ask that you please, in return, honor my desires, boundaries and triggers - just as in life, please do not assume anything and always ask if you are unclear. This is a space you are invited to be vulnerable, let go and find your deepest truth.  Communication is an essential part of the experience and will allow us to flow and bond intuitively therafter. 





Time is valuable and to be honored, so please be punctual. Kindly set your energy exchange down in the brass singing bowl on the shelf when you arrive to the space. This discrete exchange allows us to focus on our magical journey together! 


You will be invited to express anything you like before your session begins, allowing you to go inward during the treatment, speaking only with your breath and following mantra when called for. This will allow you to drop into the experience fully.





A shower will be offered to you at the beginning of your session to cleanse the body of the outside world and give you a fresh start. Water therapy is powerful and will allow you to take a few moments to become acclimated to the space, close your eyes and escape. If you have a skin condition or allergies of any kind, please notify me before the session.




You may have enjoyed a variety of experiences in the past with other tantric guides, massage therapists, yogis, and that is beautiful!  All souls honored and respected! Please be aware each provider offers something unique and I request you arrive with an open mind and heart to my experiences described on the website. Kindly refrain from requesting sessions or services that are not listed under the Experiences section.  I cannot comply to meeting “special requests”,  “extras” or "extending the session" and this may sadly put an end to our time together.  


I have provided an array of information for you           in a simple, concise presentation - please become familiar with this information as it is a wonderful starting point for your growth!  I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in working with me and for your personal interest in your own growth and self improvement!  Let's Experience this adventure together! 

Love  and   Light,   Leah

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