Watercolor Paint

Original Music & Art

Here I offer my original medicine music, oil paintings and custom meditation mala prayer bead necklaces. Enjoy! Please reach out for any orders, inqueries or bookings. 

Arcoiris (The Rainbow Song)

Original medicine song inspired by plant medicine journey. When the rain meets the sun, a rainbow appears.  This song is about bridging the light and the shadow...and rainbow visions! Played perfectly imperfectly to inspire you to just go for it- write the song, paint the painting, create whatever...you are ready! 

Die, Die My Darling

This is a song I wrote about my plant medicine journey and the collective journey of 2020.


Ayahuasca Mala

Etsy: www.ayahuascamala.com

Instagram: @ayahuascamala

Direct Message me on Instagram or E-mail me to order



Custom prayer bead malas for meditation and decoration with ayahuasca vine slice and mushroom gemstone pendants.


Aya vine slices are harvested directly by the Matses and Katukina tribes in the deep amazon of Peru. Fair Trade: Supporting the Amazonian tribes is part of their mission. 20% of total Aya Mala sales are donated to @greenhopefund and 10% of total mushroom mala sales are donated to @decrimca

Yin Butterfly

Original Oil on Canvas



spiritsistersforprint copy.jpg

Spirit Sisters

Original Oil on Canvas



Geo Clit

Original Oil on Canvas

Various Sizes (under 12x12)



Harmala - Music of Danny Byrne

Stunningly beautiful music created by my Husband Danny Byrne. Harmala is excellent for meditation, yoga, massage, therapist assisted psychedelic therapy and plant medicine journeys.  I love to play his music in my sessions! He weaves together synths, guitar and vocal looping, Tibetan bowls and nature sounds to create a truly unique audio-inner visual, meditative experience. 

Bandcamp: Full Discography

Spotify: Selections I