Cosmic Sky

Intuitive Bodywork

$95/ 60 minutes     $145/ 90 minutes
















Begin your journey with intuitive bodywork! Choose from an array of styles including Swedish, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, Prenatal, Thai Stretch, Lomi Lomi, Hawaiian Hot Stone or a combination of these modalities to suit your desires!  Aromatherapy is included by request in all sessions.


**Clinical draping is required**


Siren Sound Healing

Add-On (15 Minutes) $25

Add-On (30 Minutes) $45

Allow the vibration of crystal and brass singing bowls, chimes, drums and soothing vocals whisk you away to dream land!  Add 15 or 30 minutes to your intuitive bodywork session. 

   Sound Healing Benefits:

  • lower stress levels.

  • improved sleep.

  • lower blood pressure.

  • enhanced creativity

  • clarity and balance

  • improved memory and concentration

  • heightened awareness, both of the self and the environment

**First time seekers receive a complimentary five minute sound bath experience to conclude his or her session!**

Infrared Sauna Wrap and Scrub

Add-On (30 Minutes) $45


This treatment begins with a dry-brush massage, renewing your skin and improving circulation with invigorating  strokes, followed by a homemade raw honey and sea salt scrub infused with fresh squeezed citrus.  You will be nurtured with a coconut oil scalp massage and cool cucumbers for your eyes in the cocoon of a warm infrared sauna wrap, alleviating deep muscle aches, detoxifying your system and promoting restful sleep.​ Add-on to your intuitive bodywork session or combine with the Siren Sound Healing Add-on.



$300 90 minutes      $400/ 2 Hours

Prerequisite: First time seekers begin with the Intuitive Body Work Session (01).

Awaken your energetic body and connect the physical form with mind and spirit with Tantric Guidance by Lia Light.  Our session will begin with 10-15 minutes of open communication and intention setting, so I may best serve your process of transcending the layers.  


**I passionately welcome seekers integrating from or preparing for medicine work journeys and clinical psychedelic experiences!**


This exploration of your inner being will include:

*Guided Meditation

*Yoga Psychology as Taught by Ashley Turner


*Yoga Therapy

*Reiki Energy Work

*Somatic Bodywork: Bodywork Focused on Releasing Stress and Trauma

from the Muscle and Connective tissue

*Sound Healing  

Please arrive with an open mind and heart and be ready for a self-work journey.  This will call for a balance of your active participation in practicing the techniques we choose to work on and your receptivity. 

*Please note: There are many beautiful, varying forms of Tantra.  Please click the button "What is Tantra?" to gain clarity on what I am offering here. In this session I will be clothed as the focus is on you being in your own body and experience. This will allow us both to go within and develop our tools that we may collect for all types of life experiences!

Cosmic Sky

 $175 90 minutes     $225/ 2 Hours

This is a special session offered for women!  There is balance in the "yoni-verse" and I am of service to the feminine, to cater to Her desires. 
This is Her time to fully receive pure bliss, Her invitation to share Her-Story, ignite Her inner power and seek Her truth.  I welcome Her to explore the spectrum of releasing past traumas held in the sacral energy center and connective tissue to honoring Her body and delving into Her divine pleasure.  Practice voicing Her needs and boundaries and explore all of Her senses.  I will guide Her on a journey of unveiling Her highest bliss to integrate into Her own life and partnerships. 
I offer Tantra la Femme for Woman to explore Her sensuality, experiencing this rare opportunity to fully receive, while retaining Her abundance. 

 By Invitation Only

This series of sessions are by invitation only, after we have met for 2-3 Tantric Guidance sessions and we both feel aligned.  The heart of my offerings are listed on the current page and no session is "more advanced" than any other.  It is important to feel into what areas we truly need to strengthen and what we need to let go of in order to expand.
Cosmic Sky

I have always been fascinated by the inner workings of the brain and forming brilliant, colorful connections through visualization, touch and sound.  Ever since I was a young child, I would taste words, visualize music as colors and patterns and perceive the scent of memories through dreams and nature.  I believe these sensitivities are available to anyone who seeks them and who is open to clearing themselves of the dust that has accumulated in all of us, through the stress and traumas of life, no matter how 'big' or 'small' they may seem. Our core being is perfect, it just needs some dusting! 


I have a passion for helping couples create their most loving, powerful bond and empowering individuals to love themselves fully, embracing both the shadow and the light.  I have a lot of experience working with people of all shapes, sizes, mentalities, orientations and identifications.  There is no surface layer judgement in this practice - all well intending souls are welcome! I love to learn from others and share my own knowledge, as we all have a beautifully unique life path.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you.


Blessings on Your Journey!


Love, Lia Light

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