My offerings include therapeutic massage, guided meditation, yogic practices, sound healing, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian, body scrubs, tantra for women, men and couples, psychedelic integration, plant elixir add-ons, private retreats and more! 


10) Couples Tantra Workshops 


$500/ 2 hours        $750/ 3 hours














I have a passion for guiding couples in creating their most loving, powerful bond and empowering individuals to love themselves fully, embracing both the shadow and the light.  I have a lot of experience working with people of all shapes, sizes, mentalities, orientations and identifications.  There is no surface layer judgement in this practice - all well intending souls are welcome!


We will discuss your intentions and desires for your session beforehand.  We may communicate through e-mail or schedule a phone call so you and your beloved may ask any questions and become comfortable and look forward to your session with ease and curiosity.

We will enjoy a weaving of guided meditation, bonding and trust exercises, touch exploration, learning and treats for all of the senses.    Each of you will have the opportunity to practice massage and touch techniques on one another and enjoy time fully receiving on the massage table. 

**The 3 hour session is recommended for more in-depth bodywork.**