I'm Recording My First Medicine Music Album!

Updated: Oct 28

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Hey, Aloha!

I am Malia Carvalho (aka 'Lia Light'). I have been singing with and learning from the plants for the past seven years. Before I began learning and sharing medicine music, I wrote and performed pop and alternative rock music. I was a classically trained vocalist as a teen and sang in choir. I was strongly called to learn guitar about 3.5 years ago and my connection to music shifted from an external experience of performing to a deeply internal space of healing, embracing and sharing. I began writing songs in Spanish, which connected me to my relatives and ancestors on my Mother's side who are Iberian and Indigenous Puerto Rican. I began to flow with Hawaiian chanting, from the islands where both of my parents and my mother's family were born and raised.

In September 2022 I had a flood of inspiration wash upon me and I was gifted a whole set of songs in English that landed in the part of the journey where I am back on earth reflecting on the lessons I gained on the other side. The album is intended to support and appeal to all beings on whatever path they are on, moving through themes of recognizing addiction, compassion through dark times, mantra for becoming connected to the true light self, carrying on the torch of our mothers and sisters, ego death and dreams. This album is just the beginning and I have so much more music to share from all parts of the journey- more ethereal, to the heart and embracing other languages. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey!

What We Need & What You Get

I am so incredibly grateful to work with the most knowledgeable, talented, perfectionist, overthinking, honest, technical, beautiful musicians, recording engineers and producers that I husband Danny Byrne! Danny has been playing guitar for nearly 29 years (since age 10) and received his Bachelor's Degree from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Boston. He recorded and produced the Album for his US touring progressive rock band Lightsystem (Album: Lost Language on Spotify) in 2013 and began producing music for his meditative, psychedelic electronic project Harmala (Album: Selections: I on Spotify) and is actively producing and sharing music for Harmala. Your contribution will keep all of the music flowing!

  • Contribution perks include album downloads, soundbath tickets and an album release party and concert that will include other musicians as well!

  • Contributions will largely create ease and grace in the process and give us more time and space to complete this project sooner and have the ability to compensate our contributing artists for their energy and love. If we do not reach the entire goal, we will still make this happen!

The Impact Your contribution will allow us not only to record and produce this one album, but will contribute to the quality of future albums (equipment) and our ability to work with and lift other medicine musicians as well! This is indeed a community effort and our intentions are always based in watering the roots so the branches may extend, grow and flourish. Other Ways You Can Help

  • Spreading the word, sharing the love is just as powerful as donating and SO appreciated!

  • Your kind words of support and encouragement goes so far. Thank you for your positive energy!

Love, Gratitude and Blessings!

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