Psycho-Spiritual and Psychedelic Integration Coaching
 Los Angeles

Psychedelic Therapy: A Safe Place To Explore Your Experience

Psychedelic integration coaching is a form of support that helps seekers who have had psychedelic experiences integrate those experiences into their lives in a healthy and productive way.


The goal of integration coaching is to help seekers make the most of their psychedelic experiences, and to work through any thoughts, ideas and memories that may have arisen.

Psychedelic integration coaching can help individuals understand the profound insights gained during their experiences and integrate those insights into their everyday lives, and develop a support system to maintain their progress.

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      Benefits of Psychedelic Integration Therapy

      Expand Your Experience

      One of the benefits to psychedelic integration coaching is that you can recall and understand more from your journey. Often lessons are cryptic in nature and talk therapy can help the seeker understand and integrate their experience.

      Explore Your Shadow

      It is common for subconscious thoughts or memories to arise in  psychedelic journeys. Talking with a coach can help you to understand and ease the integration of your experience. 

      Support Your Lessons

      One of the most potent benefits of psychedelic coaching is being able to share your lessons with someone who understands, which can be difficult if your friends and family are not experienced in psychedelics.

      Process New Emotions

      Psychedelic journeys can envelope us in waves of new emotions - often for the first time. Sometimes these new feelings and emotions require discussion and processing in order to be incorporated into your greater being.

      Integrate Into Normal Life

      Undertaking a psychedelic journey can be a joyful experience. But the greater benefits come from integrating the insights and lessons into your every day life, allowing you to expand and become a more productive and fulfilled person.

      Interpret Journey Messages

      Often people will have visions or thoughts which seemingly came out of nowhere, and can leave you feeling confused, even worried, about what they could mean. Speaking with a professional coach can help you to interpret what these messages could be trying to tell you.

      Lia's Psychedelic Integration in Los Angeles

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      Psychedelic integration coaching is important because it can help you to get the most out of your experience, and assist in uncovering potentially uncomfortable truths and memories. 


      If you are struggling after your psychedelic experience, or if you simply want to learn more about how to integrate that experience into your everyday life, or to better understand the messages that you may have received, then Lia’s psychedelic integration in Los Angeles ( I can work with you from anywhere! ) can be incredibly beneficial. 


      It is important to speak with someone who is personally experienced with psychedelics and a qualified integration coach, as not everyone in your ‘regular’ life will be comfortable, or understand what you have gone through.


      Lia has years of experience coaching people after their psychedelic experiences, as well as having numerous psychedelic journeys herself. She has assisted numerous people expand on their journeys and gain the maximum amount of value from them.


      All sessions are one-on-one, private and safe, via Zoom from the comfort of your own home where you will feel comfortable to open up, discuss and explore. 

      Coaching Available In-Person or Online