Presented here are some lovely reviews of my offerings from women, men and couples!


Hi Lia, "W" and I both wanted to say thank you for an amazing experience.  You made us feel extremely comfortable from the moment we walked in the door and all nerves we had built up melted away.  "W", who is normally a little bit protective of me felt totally comfortable with everything during my massage, because you created such a safe, therapeutic environment. We both didn’t know what to expect but you exceeded all expectations.  We went into this thinking it would be a one time thing, but immediately talked about seeing you again for special occasions. Thank you so much again!




Sometimes a woman needs a healing, intimate massage from another caring female. Having experienced a rather challenging year, I decided to treat myself to a different sort of massage. Just me. Not a couples massage. Not a massage for a friend’s birthday or wedding. Just a quiet loving massage for me by Lia. It was amazing and powerful on so many levels. It was kind of mind-blowing. Hard to describe my experience, but please open yourself up to the idea of something you may never have had before. Lia can be your light!



My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Lia. She is an excellent therapist and spiritual guide and she has a warm and engaging personality.  She made us both feel at ease and open to express ourselves. We felt like we knew her for years! We look forward to our next visit with her. 

Lia Light is truly a gifted healer and I'm so glad I was able to meet her. She took me on a journey through time and space with her soft, magical hands, smooth voice and wise words. She is beautiful inside and out and is full of unconditional love.  I can't wait to be healed by her again.

Lia's calm, relaxed and mesmerizing presence was absolutely wonderful! Her massage skills go way beyond her years, at times I thought she had magically grown additional limbs!  She has that amazing all encompassing connection! She is a beautiful, happy loving guide- I can not wait to return.